This film is the love child of an utterly unique collaboration between an almost entirely female crew of musicians, writers, filmmakers, and performers. Defying the rules of conventional filmmaking, this project was created as an offering to the lost spiritual lineage of the daughters of witches burnt and hidden, and a documentation of a collective commitment to actively reclaim the power that awaits us in our stolen and disguised stories. This family of creators spent a month together shacked up in a one-bathtub house in Marfa Texas, bringing everything we had to offer to the necessity of making truly authentic, collaborative work that embodies the experience of being contemporary descendants of the witches, seeking to reclaim the forgotten wisdom of our heritage. In doing this, we realized we needed to work in profoundly unorthodox ways, without a script, without hierarchy, without a budget, making offerings all along the way, listening for guidance from the land, our dreams, and everyday ‘coincidence’; trusting the deep, intuitive process of filmmaking as a path towards healing and liberation. We truly lived the exploration and quest that is at the heart of this film. 

What has emerged from this highly unconventional collaborative process is an exploration of story outside of narrative, of how meaning lives in moments and creates a lyrical logic of its own, born from the interconnectivity of the group mind that grew from our gathered selves. We found ourselve
s tracing ancient lineages of feminine wisdom, lost and broken, hidden and alive, running like veins thru the body of our emerging story. The images and situations that arose through us became a map to the work that wanted to be made, like drunken detectives in our shared imagination, we pieced together each scene as a clue to some potential shared ecstatic liberation. The film itself became a call to aliveness in all its grit and glory.